"The Butcher", aka Cameron, doesn't really live up to his last name. There is no meat cutting or anything that has to do with blood or slaughtering in his life, but we always thought it would be the best ongoing laugh if he ever became a surgeon. "The Baker", aka Ashley (me!), thinks she can bake, but for some unexplainable reason, her cupcake business just didn't quite take-off. We'll blame that on the mass amounts of people following the same dream. Together, Cameron and Ashley have bought their first home. A home of our dreams? Well, it isn't a dump by any means, but it definitely needs some taste. Although, individually, Cameron and Ashley could strip any screw they come in contact with, together, they can actually accomplish big projects with the right direction, some creativity, and a fair share of bickering.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Simple Necklace Hooks

If you are like me and you love long and over sized necklaces, finding a perfect way to store them can be very frustrating.  Before being married and having to share a bedroom space, I would find the most feminine hooks and such to hang my necklaces and jewelery all over my bedroom and bathroom.  Well, now that I don't want to overload my husband with hot pink, polka dots, and flowers, I was forced to shove all of my jewelry in a jewelry box, which then made for a huge challenge of untangling them every time I reached in to grab one to wear for the day.

I went through many websites, Pinterest being my most fav, looking at different ways to hang my necklaces, but in a more husband friendly way.  Found lots of cute ways, but some more juvenile or more girly then I wanted.  I really enjoyed the romantic theme I have been going with in our room reno, so I was hoping something would portray that.  Well, I decided to head to one of my new favorite stores, Hobby Lobby, to get some inspiration.  I came across their "hook and knob" aisle and I found so many beautiful items.  And to top it off, everything was 50% off!!  I snagged these 2 hooks for $1.50 each and knew exactly where I was going to put them.

This is in our on suite bathroom, next to my sink (I would DIE without having a his and hers sink).  And, yes, I NEED a window covering here.  The shower is directly across and I hope the neighbors aren't getting a free show every morning =).