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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Burlap "FAMILY" Banner

A theme to many weddings, bridal showers, nurseries, or professional portraits that has become ever-so-popular is "rustic".  Everywhere I look, I see brides wearing cowboy boots, babies rooms decked out in old wood, and I see these cute little burlap banners that make awesome props to professional photos for families or engagement settings.  It is a VERY easy project...

Here's what you need:
~Burlap: get it from a fabric store (comes in different shades)
~Thick Sharpie
~Sharp scissors
~Large triangular stencil (homemade mine)
~Large alphabet stencil
~Hot glue gun

First, take your triangle stencil to trace and cut out your banner pieces.  In this case I needed 6, but of course cut as many as you need to spell out what you would like.  "LOVE" is a popular one for engagement photos. As you trace the triangle, be careful as not to press hard and not to drag the pen/marker.  Burlap stretches very easily, so pressing too hard makes for imperfect lines.

Next, stencil out your letters on each of the banner pieces and fill in the letters with a sharpie (can be any color, but I think black, brown, or red works best).

Then, lay out the twine over the top of your banner triangles (letters face down).  Place a line of glue about a half inch from the top of the triangle and fold over.  Yes, your fingers may get a little hot since burlap isn't the thickest material, but you'll be fine... I promise!!!

Finally, add a little touch by gluing some cute bows on the ends.

Originally, I used my banner for a family photo shoot:

And then decided that it would look so cute on my fireplace while not in use:

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